1. What type of papers do you recycle?

We recycle writing papers, envelopes, note pads, drawing papers, Index sheet, manila folder, hardcover books, magazines, stapled reports and archive papers.

2. What do you do with the waste papers collected?

We recycle waste paper and convert it to toilet tissue under the brand name Nambawan Toilet Tissue.

3. How do you collect the waste papers?

We provide cartons for your office and a bulker bag with stand outside the building under shed for waste paper collection. When the cartons in the office are full, you can transfer all the waste papers from the cartons in the bulker bags for collection. When the bag is full our collection team will collect the bags as per schedule and will replace with empty bags at no cost to you.

4. What is your pickup schedule?

We pick papers from offices once a week, but if the bag is full before the schedule, we collect upon your request.

5. How do you handle confidential papers and documents?

Our service is such that there is no fear of confidential materials being exposed prior to reaching the recycling process. We also provide opportunity to the suppliers to accompany their confidential documents to the factory and to see the process of disposing the confidential documents.

6. What will we get in return?

Since our setup and collection is free of charge we do not pay or supply anything in return. If the papers are dropped by the suppliers to the factory, we compensate them with toilet tissues.

7. How will this recycling benefit our company?

It will reduce the cost of garbage collection. For archive clearing, it will save transportation and labor cost.

8. What do you provide for collection of papers?

We provide cartons and bulker bags with stands for collections of waste papers. Please refer to question # 3

9. Is there any cost to those interested in disposing waste papers?

There is no cost to the waste paper suppliers. Our service is free of charge.

10. Do you allow any of our staff to accompany the confidential papers?

Yes, we do allow suppliers to accompany their confidential documents to witness the recycling process. Please refer to question # 5

11. How many trees are saved by recycling a ton of paper?

For every ton of recycled paper, 17 trees are saved.

12. How much landfill do we save by recycling papers in a month?

792 cubic yards of landfill space. Every ton of recycled paper saves 3.3 cubic yards of landfill spaces. Therefore we save approximately 800 cubic yards of landfill space every month.

13. Do you clear archive papers?

Yes we do and we do it free of charge.